Sponsored by The Rockland County Welcome Committee


Blackbird NYC 2018

Limited Engagement
Off-Broadway Production

American Theatre of Actors
Sargent Theater
314 West 54th St.
Between 8th and 9th Aves.

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Featured Guest Speakers

June 7Tennessee Watson – Survivor & Education Reporter
June 8Bridie Farrell – Professional skater and abuse survivor.
June 9Jeanne Marron– Survivor and advocate
June 10Connie Altamirano – Survivor.
June 14Mary Ellen Oloughlin – Survivor who works with Foundation for Survivors of Abuse
June 15Beth Tiger – CEO Durga Tree International
June 16Valerie Munro – Survivor who successfully prosecuted the man who abused her.
June 17Clark Fredericks – A survivor who killed the man who abused him.

June 16Valerie Munro – Survivor who successfully prosecuted the man who abused her.
June 17Clark Fredericks – A survivor who killed the man who abused him.
June 21Marci Hopkins – Coffee with Marci host
June 22Joanna Prem – Survivor and Abolitionist
June 23Harold Seiring – Survivor
June 24Asher Lovy – Runs an organization to raise awareness of child sexual abuse in Orthodox Jewish Community


June 28 – Heather Antos – Survivor
June 29 – Nathan Spiteri – Survivor, Actor, and FIlmmaker
June 30 (Matinee) – TBA
June 30 – TBA

Blackbird Discussion

Join actors Nick Pascarella and Gina Sarno join Director Alex Oleksij, with host Greg Riccardi as they discuss their motivation and challenges attributed to the production of Blackbird.

This will (should) make you angry.

Una, a 27 year old female, can never get back the innocence of her life. An event happening fifteen years earlier has significantly altered her. Her abuser, a man in his fifties named Ray, has moved on in his life. Easily putting the past behind him.

Victims of sexual abuse do not get a new start on life. These experiences perpetuate throughout the duration of the victim’s life, stealing opportunities and general life pleasures along the way. But the perpetrators sometimes live on, in a twisted version of normalcy.

Until today.

Una and Ray are fictional characters entangled in conversation while the disturbing events of the past unfold into a story so complex, it dances on the edges of emotion.

The importance of this conversation is to make people aware. More aware that events like this actually happen. And continue to happen. And it’s not ok.

It’s Time to Start the Conversation

With your tax-deductible donation, the Rockland County Welcome Committee (501(c)(3) Charitable Organization) wants to tear open this conversation, making it well known that the conversation is not over. There is more to be heard.

To achieve this, the RCWC is sponsoring an Off-Broadway revival of David Harrower’s acclaimed and award-winning play, Blackbird. In this production, the complex experiences of sexual abuse are seen from multiple points of view. Through the darkness of the conversation, you will be forced into uneasy emotions. This story will challenge your character. But, unlike sexual abuse victims, you get to walk away unscathed.

Please make a donation today to help spread our message. The production is a means of bringing the conversation of sexual abuse into the spotlight. It’s not about the actors, these are no-name actors. It’s about the story.

It’s about the stories that haven’t been heard yet.

This conversation has only begun.

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